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10 things to know about studying in Canada
Study Abroad

10 Things To Know About Studying in Canada

Let's quickly to address commonly asked questions regarding the Study relocation pathway for Canada and rectify some prevailing …

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Should you lie on your application

Should you lie on your application

What do you think? This is what we think. Countless times, when you create resumes and CVs (there‚Äôs a difference …

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How to Access School Loans to Study

School Loans are one of the different ways a student can fund or finance university education, especially when …

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Marykeen Consult_Proof of funds

How to Easily Access Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds is how you show that you have enough funds to settle and study in the …

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Scholarship students - Marykeen Consult

How to Get International Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies

Scholarships may be grade-dependent but they are not entirely grade-dependent. Find a list of scholarships and steps to …

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I hope we never lose touch with each other

How to Apply to Schools Abroad and Get Full Funding

A lot of people just apply to schools without talking to advisors. Most times, they don't get admission …

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